Solutions for sellers


Five advantages for your real estate transaction  

  • Your real estate will attain a sales price, generally higher than market, with the assistance of EWG Vermögensverwaltung GmbH. We can provide references in a personal meeting.
  • You will benefit from our ability to quickly attain the purchase price and a high reliability in concluding the purchase thanks to customers with sound credit ratings. 
  • You will receive prequalified selection of potential buyers for your real estate due to the customer profiles we maintain in our database. We can assure you that your transaction will be handled with utmost discretion and consequence.
  • You will be impressed by how we prepare and present the documents, right down to the exposé, as well as by their high quality.
  • You will have a “director’s assistant” at your side, so to speak: We will confidently help you through all processes related to the sale - including negotiations for the purchase, preparation of the documents for notarization - as well as “after-sales” assistance.

We will handle your real estate sale with utmost discretion and reliability!